Author Guidelines

Author submitting their paper to Journal of Sustainability and Environmental Management (JOSEM) must follow these steps.

Journal of Sustainability and Environmental Management (JOSEM) is an international, open access, peer reviewed research journal which publishes four issues in a year.

Open Access Policy

JOSEM is open access (OA) which means free access to information and unrestricted use of electronic resources for everyone. All contents published by this journal is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Copyright in all material submitted for publication in the journal is vested to the authors under attribution CC BY-NC.

Plagiarism Policy

Acts of plagiarism are violations of academic policy and will not be considered in this journal. The ideas or words are allowed with proper attribution or permission from published or unpublished source. JOSEM will check the plagiarism using software at initial phase before sharing the paper to the reviewer.

The journal policies can be found here

Instructions to Authors

All submitted papers will go through initial screening, peer-review and editorial decision stage. The paper will go through double blind review process.

Initial Checks

All submitted manuscripts will be checked to ensure it falls within the scope of the journal. The manuscript will also go through plagiarism check software. Manuscripts that are not properly prepared will be returned to the authors for revision and resubmission.

Peer Review

After initial checks, the paper will be submitted to atleast two independent reviewers. These experts may also include Editorial Board Members of the journal. 

Editorial Decision

The comments of the reviewers will be shared with the author. The decision will include one of the following

  • Accept after Minor Revisions
  • Major Revisions Required
  • Reject

Preparation of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be in English in Microsoft Word format (word 2003 or higher) in the prescribed format. The manuscript template can be accessed online (download).

Length and Format

The manuscript shouldn't contain more than 25 pages with word count less than 7,000.

Margin 1 inch all sides, Time New Roman, Font Size (body): 12, Line Spacing: 1


The length of the title of the manuscript should be less than 20 words. It should be accurate, clear and concise. Font Size: Times New Roman 20

Author Details

It includes full name of authors, their affiliations and address 

Abstract and Keywords

The abstract should include the purpose, methodology, results and implication of the study in a paragraph. The abstract shouldn't contain more than 300 words. The manuscript should contain 4-6 keywords relating to the theme of the paper.


It should be divided into Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Conflict of Interest and References.

The introduction should include the background of the study, appropriate literatures and the significance of the presented research. 

The materials and methods section should include the study site, population and sample size and the statistical method used.

The results section should include the findings of the study along with relevant tables and figures.

The discussion section should have the interpretation of result with proper citation of the literatures (Author Surname, Year).


Need to follow American Psychological Association (APA, 7th edition) style with atleast 20 citations and full reference in proper format.

Journal Article

Grady, J. S., Her, M., Moreno, G., Perez, C., & Yelinek, J. (2019). Emotions in storybooks: A comparison of storybooks that represent ethnic and racial groups in the United States. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 8(3), 207–217.

Newspaper Article

Carey, B. (2019, March 22). Can we get better at forgetting? The New York Times.


Jackson, L. M. (2019). The psychology of prejudice: From attitudes to social action (2nd ed.). American Psychological Association.

Acknowledgment (optional)

Any awards that require recognition must be mentioned.

Declaration of interest

All authors should disclose any personal and/or financial relationships with other people or organizations that may improperly influence their paper. 

Funding Information

The names of the funding organizations should be written in full (if funded, if not, write "no funding received...."). 

Table and Figures

All tables and figures must have caption (title). Tables and figures should be provided intext within the manuscript body wherever required. The Journal reserves the right to crop, rotate, reduce, or enlarge the photographs and figures to an acceptable size.


The final reviewed paper will go through proofreads before sending for publication. All accepted papers will be published in the website immediately in PDF and HTML format. The archive section will include all the articles for the particular volume and issue.

Article Processing Charges

JOSEM currently don't charges any article processing fee. No charge is taken at the time of submission or even after the acceptance of the article. If there is any changes in APC, it will informed in advance before submission and will be updated at APC page.

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