Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Journal of Sustainability and Environmental Management (JOSEM).

  1.  Is JOSEM peer-reviewed? 

    All articles accepted by JOSEM is peer-reviewed before publishing.

  2. Can I submit my manuscript to JOSEM even though it has been published elsewhere?

    No. JOSEM only accept original articles.

  3. When should I submit my manuscript?

    You can submit your manuscript at anytime. The paper will be published online first as soon as it is accepted.

  4. Who owns the copyright?

    The author (s) is the the copyright holder of their work. All articles in JOSEM are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

  5. Which type of file format do you accept? Do you have any journal template?

    Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (word 2003 or higher) in the prescribed format. The manuscript template can be accessed here.

  6. How do I submit the manuscript?

    You can send the manuscript at or use this link to upload